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Syracuse Stroke Lawyer Secures $700,000.00 Recovery Through New York Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Michael A. Bottar, Esq., a Syracuse medical malpractice lawyer with Bottar Law, PLLC, recently secured $700,000.00 in compensation from a group of medical defendants. The New York medical malpractice lawsuit alleged that the defendants’ improperly prescribed birth control pills to the plaintiff for mid-cycle pain, causing a stroke that led to mild foot drop, mild speech and memory deficits, a (controlled) seizure disorder and the need for lifetime Coumadin.

In sum, the 19 year old plaintiff presented to her obstetrician with complaints about mid-cycle pain. She was prescribed birth control pills to relieve the pain. The which were contraindicated because the plaintiff had a genetic blood disorder which the defendants knew about, or should have known about. Months later, the plaintiff suffered a stroke. The stroke prevented blood from reaching the plaintiff’s brain, causing mild, yet permanent brain damage.

The $700,000.00 recovery was for past and future pain and suffering, and future lost wages.

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