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Do I Have A Medical Malpractice Case In New York?

Doctors and nurses are trained, and paid, to provide the public with reasonable and appropriate medical care, but they are not expected to be perfect. That is, the law does not hold doctors and nurses accountable for “poor” medical care. Rather, a doctor or nurse is only liable for medical negligence if his or her acts of omission and/or commission depart or deviate from good and accepted standards of care.

Has my doctor or nurse deviated or departed from the standard of care? Good question. The short answer is that no ethical attorney can answer this question for your without first obtaining all of the relevant medical records and having them reviewed by a physician. With the input of the physician, a competent New York medical malpractice attorney, such as a member of the Bottar Law, PLLC legal team, can assess whether there is a reasonable basis for filing a lawsuit. The input of the physician is critical because no two patients are the same and, in turn, conduct that may have met standard of care in one case may fall below the standard of care in another case. For example, good and accepted standards of obstetrical care require that a a cesarean section be strongly considered if a fetus weighs more than 5000 grams; however, if the pregnant mother has gestational diabetes, a cesarean section is indicated at 4500 grams.

Every Syracuse medical malpractice lawyer should offer you a free consultation in his/her office, during which you can explain your condition and complaints and seek legal guidance about how to proceed.

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