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Utica Medical Malpractice Lawyers Review Surgeon Medication Mistakes

Last week, Utica neurosurgeon Frank Boehm, Jr., pleaded guilty to possessing and intending to distribute prescription drugs. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the Utica surgeon faces up to 20 years in prison and a one million dollar fine. As part of his plea, Dr. Boehm acknowledges that he was responsible for distribution of 58 grams of OxyContin-based drugs.

Dr. Boehm was licensed to practice medicine in the State of New York in 1985. At times during his career, he was on the medical staff at Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare and St. Elizabeth Medical Center, and was employed by Slocum-Dickson Medical Group in New Hartford. Dr. Boehm’s medical record includes two “above average” medical malpractice settlements in 2005 and one “average” medical malpractice settlement in 2007. The details of those cases and settlements, which are not an admission of malpractice, are confidential.

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