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Syracuse New York Crouse Hospital Prescribes Quiet To Heal After Injury And Surgery

A few weeks ago, Syracuse’s Crouse Hospital launched a “Shhhhh” campaign. Around the hospital, visitors are staff are being reminded by posters to keep quiet. Recent studies show that a quiet environment helps to lower a patient’s heart rate and blood pressure, and may speed the healing process.

Crouse Hospital is not the first New York State hospital to adopt a quiet environment. In 2007, Montefiore Hospital in the Brox implemented a Silent Hospitals Help Healing, or SHHH, program. Crouse Hospital, like Montefiore, plans to reduce noise by silencing beeping monitors, eliminating squeaky cart wheels, reducing intercom pages, automating doors to prevent slamming, and encouraging late-night “whispering” between hospital staff, patients and visitors. Other ideas include installation of noise-reducing ceiling tile, curtains, turning beepers to vibrate, wearing soft-soled shoes, and headsets for patients to listen to television programming or music.

A secondary benefit of a quiet hospital is a calm working environment, which should operate to decrease hospital mistakes and medical malpractice caused by distractions due to stress, commotion and noise.

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