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Syracuse Babies Diagnosed With Cerebral Palsy May Walk Better With Treadmill Therapy Despite Birth Injuiry

Testing of a new therapy is underway at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, which may revolutionize the way that Syracuse babies diagnosed with cerebral palsy exercise to strengthen their muscles.

The system incorporates a harness into the use of a treadmill. The harness supports the child’s weight while he or she walks, which should make it easier for cerebral palsy patients to walk without the risk of falling. As children using the system learn how to walk and grow stronger, the amount of weight carried by the harness can be decreased — essentially returning the child’s body weight to their legs.

Previously, children with cerebral palsy received physical therapy only once a week. With the treadmill program, they can receive therapy several times a week. More therapy means more practice walking, and shorter periods of complete disability. More than 90% of recent participants showed improvement in walking over the course of eight weeks. Two children made remarkable advances, with one moving completely out of braces and the other moving to less supportive bracing.

Every day, at least one child in the United States is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. All too often, cerebral palsy is the result of a doctor’s mistake, such as when an OBGYN fails to perform a cesarean section despite fetal distress, when a medical resident ignores ominous fetal heart rate monitor tracings, or when a labor and delivery nurse negligently increases Pitocin despite pregnancy complications.

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