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Syracuse Celebrates New York Nurse Practitioner Month

April is nurse practitioner month in the State of New York. A nurse practitioner is a nurse with a Master’s Degree, who can associate with a doctor an provide primary medical care, including the prescription of medications. Nurse Practitioners are an invaluable resource to the medical profession, as they permit family medicine physicians to provide medical care to more of the Central New York population, and decrease instances of medical malpractice.

At the present time, a New York nurse practitioner must “collaborate” with a physician. A bill currently before the New York State legislature would enable nearly 13,00 New York nurse practitioners to practice without a “collaborating physician.” In 14 other states around the county, collaboration between a nurse practitioner and a doctor is not required.

While independently operating nurse practitioners will increase access to medical care, the absence of supervision by and/or collaboration with a physician may also lead to an increase in medical malpractice, such as misdiagnosis and failures to diagnose.

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