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Slocum-Dickson Doctors Sue St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center Over Cardiac Patients

Two weeks ago, the Slocum-Dickson Medical Group filed a lawsuit against St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center for $102,000,000 in damages. The lawsuit does not allege medical malpractice or a failure to diagnose. Rather, it was for damages stemming from what the Slocum-Dickson doctors believe is St. Elizabeth’s wrongful siphoning of cardiac patients away from the Slocum-Dickson physicians.

According to the complaint, St. Elizabeth’s has for more than 10 years failed to refer patients to Slocum-Dickson. Per the Utica-Observer Dispatch, the complaint continues that St. Elizabeth’s has also directed patients away from Slocum-Dickson. One allegation includes St. Elizabeth’s alleged referral of emergency room cardiac patients directly to (and only to) Central New York Cardiology despite a preexisting “hospital without walls” agreement.

How the demand for $102,000,000 was calculated is unknown.

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