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Failure To Diagnose Scoliosis Delays Bracing In Children

Scoliosis is a musculoskeletal condition which involves curvature of the spine. Signs and symptoms of scoliosis in children include a spine that appears crooked, poor body posture, uneven shoulders, uneven hips, uneven legs and back pain. In extreme cases, scoliosis may also make it difficult for a child to breathe.

If diagnosed early, scoliosis is often treated by wearing a back brace. However, where a pediatrician fails to diagnose scoliosis, or misdiagnoses scoliosis symptoms as growing pains, more aggressive medical care may be necessary to correct the curvature, such as back surgery. Sometimes, the spinal curvature cannot be corrected.

According to a recent study of nearly three hundred children diagnosed with scoliosis, bracing was effective. In fact, the three year success rate for bracing was 80%, as compared to 46% for observation and 39% for electrical stimulation. Available data supports the conclusion that timely diagnosis results in a better outcome.

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