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Onondaga County Health Department Doctor Reports That Surgical Masks Will Not Eliminate Infections

While the Cortland County Health Department investigates three suspected cases of the H1N1 virus, also known as the swine flu, reported in Cortland, New York, many concerned Syracuse and Central New York residents are taking steps to protect or isolate themselves from the community at large. One step is to wear a surgical mask.

According to Cynthia Morrow, M.D., the Onondaga County Health Commissioner (Syracuse, New York), there is very limited evidence to support the notion that surgical masks available to the public help prevent the spread of infection within a community.

Surgical masks available to the public are designed to prevent the person who is wearing the mask from spreading the disease to others. They do very little to protect the person wearing the mask from breathing in bacteria or a virus. In addition, most people do not wear surgical masks on the face properly or wear them even after they are wet with saliva which limits their effectiveness according to an infection control practitioner at Crouse Hospital, in Syracuse, New York. Onondaga County doctors and infection control personnel, and officials at the Centers for Disease Control agree that the only way to prevent the spread of infection is for the ill to stay home.

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