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Massena Hospital Labor And Delivery Complications Reduced By New Birth Rooms

According to the Watertown Daily Times, in early May of 2009 Massena Memorial Hospital, located in Massena, New York, will open two updated maternity units. Massena Memorial Hospital is located approximately 2 hours northeast of Watertown, New York, and just over 1 hour northeast of Alexandria Bay, New York.

The new maternity unit includes four new maternity rooms. At the present time, two of the four rooms are in operation. The new maternity rooms will enable pregnant mothers to remain in the same room from admission through labor, birth, recovery and until discharge. The hospital will no longer have to move mothers from room-to-room depending upon the stage of labor, which should reduce the possibility for harm to the mother or unborn baby due to a labor complication occurring during transfer and, in turn, decrease the possibility of medical malpractice and birth injuries.

In the new unit, a baby will stay in the same room with the mother unless the baby needs special attention. Equipment necessary to care for a newborn is cleverly hidden in the rooms behind cabinets. The rooms have been decorated like hotel rooms, which should make for a more pleasant hospital stay.

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