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Heart Attack Damage To Decrease At Upstate University Hospital With LIFENET

Upstate University Hospital, a 378 bed facility located in Syracuse, New York, recently secured the LIFENET System for use within the hospital. LIFENET is a computerized system that monitors ECG changes in order to reduce treatment time for patients suffering from a heart attack. More specifically, patients suffering from an ST elevated myocardial infarction, or STEMI. As STEMIs quickly damage heart muscle, they must be diagnosed and treated quickly by emergency room staff. Ideally, within ninety (90) minutes. Where treatment is not administered promptly, whether due to a failure to diagnose a heart attack, hospital negligence, or an inexplicable delay, patients have a less positive outcome.

Percutaneous treatment for heart attacks usually consists of stent placement or angioplasty. Open heart surgery may also be necessary. According to Hani Kozman, M.D., director of the Cardiac Catherization Lab at Upstate Medical University, “[h]aving this new system will enable Upstate University Hospital to better meet the guideline of treatment in 90 minutes or less, as recommended by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology.”

LIFENET will notify healthcare providers of the nature of a patient’s heart attack. Perhaps even before they arrive at the hospital emergency room. This should reduce door-to-balloon (DTB) time.

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