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Fort Drum Medical Malpractice Lawyers On North Country Teen Pregnancy

ndian River Central School District, located in Jefferson County, New York just minutes from Fort Drum, recently received a $125,000 grant to combat teenage pregnancy. School administrators plan to use the funds to create programs that will create respect and responsibility when it comes to sexual activity.

Fort Drum (89.2 per 1,000), Evans Mills (78.7 per 1000) and Calcium (93.1 per 1,000) consistently have teenage pregnancy rates that are higher than the New York State average (58.4 per 1,000). According to the North Country Prenatal/Perinatal Council, one reason for higher teenage pregnancy rates in Fort Drum is the age of many Fort Drum couples. Statistics show that many Fort Drum soldiers marry young, often at age 18 or 19, and quickly have children. When those children reach age 18 or 19, they too marry and have children, leading to generations of young families.

There are many health risks associated with teenage pregnancy, including labor and delivery complications such as premature delivery and low birth weight babies. Premature delivery can cause cerebral palsy, respiratory and cardiovascular deficits, and disabilities from persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. Other risks include mental retardation and difficulty controlling body temperature or blood sugar levels.

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