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Failure To Diagnose Breast Cancer In Childhood Cancer Survivors

A study recently published by a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School reports a connection between childhood cancer survivors and adult women who fail to timely undergo mammograms, despite an increased risk for cancer.

Per the study, as many as 66% of women age 25 to 39 who were diagnosed with cancer when they were young, and survived, reported that they had not had a screening mammogram in the past two years. As many as 25% of women age 40 and older had not undergone a mammogram in the past two years.

These women should be part of regular screening for cancer as chest radiation for pediatric malignancy increases the risk of breast cancer by 12-20%. Despite the risk, many women are not screened because of medical malpractice – i.e., they do not receive appropriate medical advice from their gynecologist or family practitioner.

Publishers of the study believe that the medical community must take note of “the relatively low uptake of screening mammography in a high-risk population, the importance of clinician recommendation to improve the uptake of screening mammography, and the continuing need to educate clinicians and patients about the risks of breast cancer after chest irradiation in childhood through well-designed education programs.

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