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Birth Control May Increase Cancer Risk For Women Living In Syracuse, Utica, Watertown and Binghamton New York

While it is well-known that birth control pills may increase the risk of a stroke, a new dangerous side-effect is receiving the attention of the medical field. According to a physician who spoke at the “50 Years of the Pill” conference last week in Washington, D.C., there is a strong link between the pill and an increased risk of breast cancer, as well as cervical cancer and liver cancer.

“The ‘pill’ was developed in the 1950s. Data suggests an astounding 660% increase in non-invasive breast cancer since 1973,” said Michael A. Bottar, Esq., a New York medical malpractice lawyer with Bottar Law, PLLC, a Syracuse-based law firm with decades of experience handling cases involving avoidable metastastic cancer. “Doctors should be aware of the potential association between the pill and cancer so that they can help their patients avoid the consequences of a failure to diagnose breast cancer, cervical cancer misdiagnosis, or late diagnosis of liver cancer.”

Breast cancer, in particular, presents a very real risk for women, especially following a confusing U.S Preventive Service Task Force recommendation against yearly mammograms and breast self-examinations which we blogged previously in a post titled “Failures To Diagnose Breast Cancer May Increase Following Task Force Recommendations.” Risk factors for breast cancer in women include increasing age, a prior breast cancer diagnosis, a family history of breast cancer, high breast tissue density, high-dose chest radiation, no children (or first child after age 30), and a long menstrual history.

The trial lawyers at Bottar Law, PLLC, have decades of experience investigating, prosecuting and trying to verdict all types of medical malpractice cases including the failure to diagnose breast, cervical and liver cancer. If you or a loved one have been taking the pill and have been diagnosed with cancer, you and/or your family may be entitled to compensation for lifelong health care, medical expenses, medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

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